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Natural vitamin K2 for optimal health and protection against age-related diseases

3:00 pm - 3:45 pm
(All times are CEST Europe/Berlin )

The topic:

In his presentation, Dr. Cees Vermeer will explain that vitamin K insufficiency is widespread among the Western population and that increased vitamin K2 intake may improve public health and prolong life expectation. In the second part of his talk he will comment on some recent studies performed at VitaK, Maastricht University, underpinning the conclusion that MenaQ7 is the only vitamin K supplement of which health effects have been demonstrated in a 3-year clinical trial.

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Cees Vermeer  Nattopharma Dr. Cees Vermeer
CEO of VitaK BV / R&D Partner with NattoPharma

Cees Vermeer (64) is Associate Professor of Biochemistry at the Maastricht University and since 10 years also CEO of VitaK, a spin-off company focusing on research on vitamin K and vitamin K-dependent proteins. VitaK employs 14 researchers (PhD, MSc, and BSc) who are all working on a) clinical trials to demonstrate health effects of vitamin K, b) development of new biomarkers based on vitamin K-dependent proteins and c) analysis of K-vitamins in foods and body fluids. Cees Vermeer has been the supervisor of 16 PhD students and is an author in over 300 papers in the international scientific press. VitaK is specialized in bone and cardiovascular health and has a long-standing R&D collaboration with NattoPharma; we have demonstrated the quality and health effects of MenaQ7 in several independent clinical trials and also act as consultant for scientific and regulatory affairs as well as for designing and defending IPR.



Hogne Vik Nattopharma Dr. Hogne Vik

Dr. Hogne Vik is a physician by education and has a long and successful track record in both the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. As global VP in product development in Nycomed Dr. Vik was one of the main forces behind the development and market entrance of VisiPaque. Following Nycomed, Vik was instrumental in bringing Tonalin (CLA) to the European and US market, as part of Natural ASA. Additionally, he was one of the key executives in the management team of Pronova BioPharma securing the US and Japanese market entrance of Omacor/Lovaza. Most recently, Dr. Vik has been the driving force behind the documentation program securing the current marketing position of Superba Krill Oil developed and manufactured by Aker BioMarine Antarctic.


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